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2020 Season Registration Dates

  1. Friday, November 15, 2019
  2. Friday, November 29, 2019
  3. Sunday, December 8, 2019
  4. Sunday, January 5, 2020

tee-ball faqS

Youth Sports Organizations Rely on Volunteers !!!


I’m interested in potentially managing a team, what would be involved?

Good managers are key to making T-Ball a successful experience for the players and their families. It’s not a small amount of effort, but the season passes very quickly, and it’s extremely rewarding. With the help of your assistants you’d teach the kids the very basics of the game during practices and then during the regular season you’ll work with the other managers and assistants to ensure the games are a safe and enjoyable experience for the players. Please express your interest at the Registration sessions or contact us via the LFSHB website  

How can I help?

Every T-Ball manager needs support from the other team parents. They will need reliable assistant coaches as well as other assistance with the kids both on the field and in the dugouts. If baseball isn’t your thing you may be able to able to help by organizing team outings, or events, or after game snacks.


How soon should I register for the upcoming season?

By registering early you help tremendously in the planning required for the upcoming season. 


My child has already played T-Ball and has the skills mastered, can they move up to the next level?

These requests are carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

My child is too young to make the age cutoff; can an exception be made so he can play?

We do consider on a case-by-case basis. 

My child doesn’t know the first thing about baseball will they be able to play?

Absolutely, every year we have kids that understand force plays and cutoffs and others that don’t know which way to run when they hit the ball. The goal is to work with each child at the level they’re ready to handle and to improve their knowledge and skills over the course of the season. Hopefully they’ll enjoy it so much they’ll want to continue to play and learn more in future seasons.


When is the season?

The T-Ball season consists of multiple games and practices, from the first weekend in April ending in early June.

When do the practices begin?

As soon as the snow melts, the fields are playable, and the temperatures mild enough for the kids to be comfortable. 

When will the schedule be available?

The season schedule is typically available by mid March and will be provided on the website and by the Team Coaches to parents. 

Where are the games and practices held?

Games and practices are held at the LFSHB Farm Field.

When are the practices and games held?

Practices are typically held once a week held on a weeknight beginning at the 5:30PM or 6:30 PM time slot and Saturday mornings.  Games are scheduled on SATURDAY Mornings.  Coaches will communicate a regular and consistent schedule at the start of the season.

Do practices continue after the games have started?

The practice schedule continues once the regular season games begin. 


What equipment do I need to purchase?

Each player should have their own glove, bat, and a water bottle. The team has batting helmets, though many parents choose to purchase their own. A gear bag and a few T-Balls to practice with at home would also be helpful. Rubber cleats are not required  but many parents select to purchase them.  

Are there guidelines for bats and gloves that you recommend?

For gloves you should look at a size between 9 and 11 inches. The most important thing is that it is well broken-in or soft enough for the player to be able close it. It should be large enough for a baseball to easily fit inside yet not too big and heavy for the young player to be able to control easily.  T-Ball bats generally range between 24 and 28 inches long with a weight ranging from 13 to 18oz. The most commonly used bats are 24-26 inches long and 14-16oz in weight. The most important consideration is that the bat is not too heavy for the child to control. Too light is much better than too heavy, because attempting to swing a too heavy bat will make the instruction of good hitting mechanics very difficult and the child is likely to develop bad habits that they will only have to “unlearn” later.

One thing to keep in mind especially with the less expensive T-Ball bats is that they tend to be made with very thin metal to keep them as light as possible. If used to hit hard baseballs they will often times dent easily.

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